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In the beginning:
LOVEECH is a musical project founded in 2005 by Iranian composer and producer Hossein Sabbaghi and launched as an official website in 2009. In 2021, Hossein Sabbaghi published his works under his real name (Hossein Sabbaghi) and no longer works under that name (Loveech).
Hossein Sabbaghi, born March 21, 1988, professionally known as Loveech, is a Electronic Music composer, Keyboardist, Guitarist, Pianist, and Music Producer.
Hossein Sabbaghi , became proficient at playing the guitar during his Teenager and has been in the music scene since 2002. He worked as Guitar teacher in Private school and in 2007, he used his savings to establish his own studio and bought some second-hand equipment, in 2008 he equipped his own studio with a computer, before that he used a rented computer to record his work, And after the unofficial release of several electronic singles on his personal blog, he released a demo album called Glucose in 2010, which attracted the attention of music lovers, (The Glucose Album 2010) made him popular. the demos of the 2010 album Glucose were interested, downloaded and listened by many people.
Now Hossein Sabbaghi, is an Electronic Music Composer in various styles. He composes songs and writes songs. Glucose Music, was released as an official single in 2021, and the song (3D World), another song from the Glucose-2010 album , officially released in February 2021.Today. He works as his real name and that is "Hossein Sabbaghi"